'Zelda, the Red Tablecloth' by Barbara Knight
'Seaport 1' by Robert Sadler
McKelvey nude
'The Swimmers' or 'Boys Bathing’ by Elsie Henderson
'Girl in a Pink Dress' by Kenneth Lauder
Lucy Harwood estuary scene
Alexander Koolman's portrait of young lady
Mother and Child by K.R.Tiwalia
Fahreinissa Zeid 'Carpet of the Sea'
Sir William MacTaggart
Ronald Ossory Dunlop
'The Blue Dress' by Ronald Ossory Dunlop
Vivian John drawing of Caitlin Macnamara/Thomas c1935.
'The Bullfight' by Rupert Shephard
‘The Cabinet’ by Lord Ayshford Methuen RA 1886-1974.
Rose Hilton 'Nude at Her Dressing Table'
Ethelbert White 'The Glade' oil on canvas.
'Mediterranean Village' large oil on canvas by William Lawson.
'Death and the Maiden' (details)
Robert Lenkiewicz 'Death and the Maiden'
Ric Hyde 'The Psychiatrist'
Zsuzsi Roboz 'Study of Therese'
'Eve's Toilet' oil on canvas
'The Sea Side' oil on canvas
Augustus John sketch of Caitlin Thomas
Walter Jackson 'The Leenane Road', Connamara
Duncan Grant portrait of Patrick Nelson
Bernard Meninsky ... 'Girl with the Golden Hair'
'Vigo Bay' oil on canvas
Barbara Hepworth by Dame Ethel Walker
Modern British circa 1920's pair of landscapes
Set of 12 x 19th century 'pig' racing prints
Pair of Oils, Italian lake scenes
'Young Lady with a Shawl' by Dame Ethel Walker
5 x Soviet era paintings
Lucy Harwood 'Rooks'
Marjorie Sherlock 'Rhone Valley'
Lucy Harwood 'German Village'
Iain Macnab drawing
Jo Jones 'Boys of Sacromonte'
Ronald Ossory Dunlop, portrait of a lady.
Michael Leonard 'Girl With a Hairbrush'
Katharine Church portrait of Niomi Maiden
Mary Amour 'Corslie Hill'
'The Feathered Hat'
'Isle of Skye' by Robert Borlase Smart
Jo Jones 'Spanish Village'
Mont Sainte-Victoire
Zsuzsi Roboz 'Tree Women'
Lucy Harwood 'Suffolk Coast'
Adrian Daintery 'The Evening Out'